Too Old to be a Mom?

 Age of Mom: How Old is Too Old?

Maria del Carmen Bousada,  believed to be the world's oldest new mother after giving birth at age 66, died  at 69, leaving behind twin toddlers. Bousada gave birth in December 2006 after getting in vitro fertilization treatment at a clinic in Los Angeles. Her pregnancy sparked debate over how old is too old for a new mother and how much responsibility fertility clinics should have over who receives treatments. The retired department store
employee said she told the Pacific Fertility Center that she was 55- the clinic's cut-off for treating single women. She said the
clinic did not ask her for identification." 

 How old is too old to be a mom?
 How do you determine the cutoff age for patients? 
 Should doctors determine it? 
 Do they do it for men?

 What is the life expectancy for males and females in the USA?

  81 for women, 77 for men.


 Hmmm...  So white women live 4 years longer than white men!  And black women outlive black men by 7 years!

  And do men have any restrictions on fatherhood?

  • Question: How old were these MEN when they fathered a child?  

          A - Charlie Chaplin?

          B - Pablo Picasso?

          C - Anthony Quinn?

          D - Tony Randall?

          E -  Saul Bellow?

  • Answer:

          A - Charlie Chaplin - 73 years old

          B - Pablo Picasso -  68 years old

          C - Anthony Quinn - 81 years old

          D - Tony Randall - 77 years old

          E -  Saul Bellow - 84 years old

Now - how old is too old for a WOMAN to mother a child?