Gender Selection


 We can now reliably determine the sex of an embryo while still in the dish and help parents have a boy or a girl, as they please. 

Is that right or wrong?
 Science interfering with nature/God?
 Last I checked, gender was not a disease.... And I thought that's what the technique was meant to accomplish — prevent a disease, not a girl...
 And yes — sex selection is already practiced in the world, especially in China and India (sonograms; CVS; and the "dying rooms in orphanages) had a strong bias against female newborns (esp in China with the One Child policy)
 So sex selection is a sexism issue, right?
 And — in China, there are not enough women to marry men who have to go on matchmaking TV shows or venture out of the country to find brides.
     (the first ever sex selection was by   Pharoah against Jewish males!)
 And what do they do with the embryos of the unfavorable gender?  Toss them?
 OK.  So sex selection of FIRST CHILD seems messy.  What about FAMILY BALANCING?  Is it wrong, if a couple has 3 sons, to select for a female?